Client Testimonials

Massage therapy is a great compliment to chiropractric care. I highly recommend Andrea at Active Body Needs to my patients and they get great results after working with her. She is very professional and courteous and has a knack for eliminating trouble spots, which makes my job easier. Andrea has worked on me as well and I personally feel that she is one of the best massage therapist in the Des Moines area.

Steven Koster, D. C

Koester Chiropractic Clinic


Andrea is the best massage therapist that I have met. Her experience and knowledge inphysical therapy gives her the ability to help work through muscle strains and correct the problem. She understands the various uscle grops and discusses what activities may be causing the problem and helps to solve the isssue. Her therapy includes heat, ice if needed and various forms of massage therapies. She also suggests exercises and stretches to help continue to alleviate the pain.

Dr. R Fleenor, D.O.


My wife and I have been seeing Andrea at Active Body Needs for our massage therapy neds for several years. I visit very two weeks for stress releif and for treatment of a shoulder problem. My wife visists every month for relaxation. Andrea delivers excellent therapy, and also suggest things we can do at home for releif. We both find that the quality of our lives is much better when we visit regularly. We would recomend massage therapy in general and Andrea at Active Body Needs specifically to help improve the quality if your life too.

D & J Gronert


Andrea has said to me several times that I keep her on her toes. She says I am one of her most challenging clients. Well. I know I have definitely received great relief from my arthritis due to her specific therapies. She does an excellent job of determining the problems. She gives great massages and tell me how to proceed with exercises and stretches to do myself before my next appointment. She is very knowledgeable and competent and keeps me on the dance floot. i cannot see myself going anywhere else for releif from my pain. Thanks a bunch Active Body Needs.

D. Deason


I have know Andrea at Active Body Needs for over 3 years and have been receiving massage from her that long as well. I feel very comfortable with her approach and in the methods she uses according to my needs. Her knowledge and experience in the field of physical therapy and massage have been very helpful to me in times of injury. She is always very flexable when it comes to scheduling. I feel very confident in her work and always get great results. I hgihly recommend going to Active Body Needs.

C. Chiles


I have had neck and shoulder pain for over 4 years.  After countless chiropractors and other licensed massage therapists, only Andrea was able to relieve the aches.  Before each session, the first thing she asked is how I am feeling and if there are any new areas that need attention.  She listens intently to your needs and makes suggestions to improve it.  She is also always changing up the way she performs the massage so you don’t receive the same thing each and every time. Andrea has a great awareness of the body and understands how to promote healing within it.  Her sessions are far superior to any sessions I’ve ever had with any other therapist.  I am currently almost pain free but I continue my appointments with Andrea mainly for pleasure now.  I appreciate what she has done for me and will continue putting my trust into her hands.

J. Beers